Pressed Flower Bookmark

This is the perfect, simple gift for anyone who has ever picked up a book!
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What you need and how to do it

Pressed flower bookmarks are the best! They literally take a few minutes to put together and you can get as creative as you want! First, you will need some plants. I suggest collecting a wide variety of leaves, herbs, flowers and grasses, that way you can really have lots of options to create pretty and fun patterns and designs. Take your plants, but them two pieces of printer paper and place in or under a really big, heavy book. After letting your plants get flat, take them out (still in between the printer paper). Use a DRY iron to gently go over the paper for about 10 seconds. Careful that you have the iron on a very low heat setting, as you don't want to set anything on fire or burn the plants in the paper. Now you will have super flat plants. At this point you can transfer the plants to a piece of card stock, cut to whatever shape and size you want for your bookmark. Have fun, get creative, and play with different designs and patterns. Once you have your desired pattern on the cardstock you can laminate the bookmark. I actually don't own a laminator, so I just use packing tape to go over the front and back. Be careful and move slowly, as you want to avoid getting air bubbles under the tape or lamination. Trim up the edges, you can hole punch the top and tie some twine through or just leave it without the hold, both are great! Pop it in your book or give it to a friend. If you pick lots of plants, you can make a lot of these in one sitting and have gifts for a year! 

You can also use the same exact method to make greeting cards! 

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timeLess than 30 minutes

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