Nob Nob

Handheld lo-fi recording device with pitch control knob. Made in Brooklyn, NY.
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About the product and maker

Nob Nob fancies being a classic, what with the whole handmade wooden gadget thing going on and all. There's even a touch of trend, except without the whole "hey man, just riding my fixie over to Willamsburg tonight for a show" (you know the type).

Designed with our signature "robot eyes," a knob you can't miss, and one classy sensibility, Nob Nob is the perfect gift for everyone from your local band crush who plays Led Zeppelin covers through a vintage amp, to your dear ol' grandpaw who is tired of playing Bingo every weekend.


  • 3.5 year-old whose first word was, “awesomesauce”
  • design savvy friend who is sweet, but sassy
  • teen who can't imagine life before iPhones
  • sound studio problem solver

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