Stunning Tapers by ANA Candles

Celebrate Independence Day with striped taper candles. These colors are bright and perfect for the 4th of July. Authentic US-made
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About the product and maker

  • Ana Candles. Made in the USA
  • The Original Striped Candle since 1994
  • One Carousel Pillar > Key Lime-Navy 4" x 4". Unscented
  • Premium quality paraffin wax
  • 80 hour burn time
  • Virtually smokeless & drip-free

Ana Candles is committed to being the standard in candle excellence. An Ana Candle is an experience to enjoy, burning beautifully like an electric candle, with vibrant colors that accent every room and enhance the events of your life. As the original and only striped taper candle hand made in America, we take great pride in our candle artistry and exceptional pleasure in sharing our little works of art with you, our valued 

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