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Heart Charm bracelet

A gift you KNOW she'll love…

On a girls day out of brunch and boutique shopping I eyed my daughter trying on a breathtaking heart bracelet. When she put it down, without her looking, I flashed a pic on Gift me something and went back to get it for her the next day. Her birthday’s in November, I can’t wait to see the look on her face!

End of summer blues?

Don't worry, there's plenty to do out there, just check the papers. New movies are out or your local theater or concert hall. There are fairs to celebrate the harvest and wine tasting if that's more your style. Use Gift me something to list your preferred events and surely there are friends out there who have the same desires – make it a party!

Crushing It!

Take your business to the next level

Need business advice, inspiration or motivation? Add all of the top business books to your GMS list. Share access with your colleagues so they can recommend their top picks too! Upload a picture of the book - or just include the online link. It's time to take your business to the next level!

Top rated!

Make back-to-school simple

Prepping for back to school shopping? Don't fret, Gift me something has made it SO simple! I added each teachers’ requirements to one list so I have everything I need all in one place. I shared the list with my husband so we could divide and conquer. Best part? Some of the supplies we could purchase online from the comfort of our own house!

RedHead Dove Vest

For those who hunt...

Hunting season is right around the corner, and luck for me so is my birthday. I added lots of hunting gear and equipment to my Gift me something wishlist and shared it with my family and friends. I could add anything I wanted from any shop, stored all in one place. No returns, no duplicates, this is my new favorite app!

No. 21: Golden Coast

Looking for the perfect gift?

Gift me something isn’t just a place for your lists, it’s also a place for unique gift ideas. Any time I'm in search of that perfect gift I peruse the Gift me something Ideas! That’s where I found these Californian coast inspired candles for my girlfriend’s birthday, a special gift to remind her of the salty-aired state she grew up in. Use GMS to find the perfect gift for anyone!

The Tomboy

Cherish the special moment (and the gifts!)

Turning the big 1-6 only happens once so I am throwing my daughter a sweet sixteen party at the clubhouse for our family and friends. To inspire our guests we created a Gift me something wishlist so she can get exactly what it is she wants including this tomboy pajama set! I have to say...I sure wish I had this app as a kid!

Storrowton Village, MA

It’s Fall bucket list o’clock!

Summer’s winding down so it's time to start my fall bucket list. Gift me something lets me keep all of my bucket list ideas in one place. First on my list (besides a pumpkin spice latté), a trip to the Big E! Every year the fair comes and goes and somehow I manage to miss it, not this year! Deep-fried Pop-Tarts here I come!

Architectural Set

Need a gift idea?

Gift me something app isn’t just for lists - it’s also for ideas! I needed to find a present for my nephew’s 7th birthday and I found one in the Ideas section that’s not only super fun, but is also environmentally friendly AND encourages the use of his imagination! GMS gives you the opportunity to give creatively, and in this case a gift that provides today's youth the tools to make a better tomorrow.

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