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Baby Handprint Kit!

Why settle for one store for your baby registry?

With the Gift me something app I can add gifts to my baby registry from any store, I’m not limited to just one or two. I can add gifts from stores, shops and boutiques - both online and brick and mortar. Making my first baby registry has been so fun! Another added plus, it’s so easy even my grandmother knows how to use it!

Lush Flip-Flops

All the gifts you can dream of saved in one place

Never did I imagine I would get a pair of flip flops that I actually wanted for my birthday. I can store all of the gifts I can ever dream of in Gift me something, even down to the color and size. I'm hard to get gifts for so if I don't need it right away... let someone have the pleasure!

Deluxe Cold Brew

The ultimate back-to-school checklist

It’s back to school time and university move-in weekend is about to be a whole lot smoother! From bedding to kitchenware there is a lot to remember. This time I created a Gift me something checklist and wishlist so I don’t forget to get what I need. This cold brew coffee maker will help me spend less at Starbucks, and save more for paying off all of these student loans!

Tackle Box!

We hooked dad up with a fishing wishlist

Since my dad retired last year he’s picked up a new hobby…fishing! His birthday is coming up next month so my brother and I put together a Gift me something wishlist to get him hooked up with everything he needs. I reserved this tackle box to protect all of his new equipment. This app was such an easy way to coordinate a birthday he will always remember!

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A wishlist as sweet as wine...

For years I have been collecting Lolita wine glasses. There are so many cute kinds to choose from, and each one comes with a unique cocktail recipe on the bottom of the glass. I created a special Gift me something wishlist just for my Lolita’s! This way I don’t have to receive any glass twice, and I can get the one’s I really want. I added this “Set Sail” one to keep a summer state of mind all year long!

Welcome Home!

There’s no place like home

And so the adventure begins! My best friend and her husband just bought their first home! I created a Gift me something wishlist for our group of friends so we can surprise them with gifts that turn their house into a home. The wishlist avoided any potential double purchases and also helped get the newlyweds home goods they really need. I reserved this “Home” doormat so they think of us whenever they come or go!

Pac-Man Retro Mini

The gift of nostalgia or blast from the past

Back in the day my grandpa used to have a PacMan Arcade in his basement - my cousins and I would all fight to play! For my brother's birthday I reserved the Pac-Man Retro Mini Arcade Game Replica off of his Gift me something wishlist, and also got one for each of my cousins. What a blast from the past, cousin of the year award goes to me!

Knock that off my bucket list

Believe it or not I only live an hour from NYC and it has always been on my bucket list to go there for a night on the town! My sorority sister visited my Gift me something bucket list and surprised me with a night out in NYC filled with eating, exploring and dancing. Even after 10 years out of college, we still know how to adventure!
Double Hammock

Keep calm & camp on

This summer is going to be different…this summer start your yearly camping trip relaxed and prepared. We can help you round up the gang and make sure your not paying big bucks for something you forgot! Easily share your Gift me something camping list with all of your friends and family. Add a photo, description or a link! The only thing you should be worried about is where you are going to pitch your hammock.

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