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Create gift lists, bucket lists, shopping lists and share them with friends and family

Our versatile app was developed to make your own gift list and share them with friends and family to make gifting less wasteful. We also found that it's a good way to list things you'd like to do for yourself from bucket lists to shopping lists. Enjoy!

Mr. Coffee

Bridal Registry - All in one place!

I never thought making my bridal registry would be so much fun. ALL of my wishlist items, ALL in once place! I can add photos, descriptions and/or links to anything I can dream of. My family and friends can view it from all over the country! I have wanted this Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker for a long time, so there's no better time than now to add it to my Gift me something wishlist!

Tumbler with Straw

Something new!

I think I have given my sister the same gift card for her birthday for the past 4 years. This year I was pumped to get her something that I know she wants - an Ello Tidal Glass Tumbler with Straw for her homemade iced coffee. I may or may not have ordered one for myself, too. :) Thanks Gift me something for making my life a whole lot easier, and my gift much more memorable.

Double Hammock

Keep calm & camp on

This summer is going to be different…this summer start your yearly camping trip relaxed and prepared. We can help you round up the gang and make sure your not paying big bucks for something you forgot! Easily share your Gift me something camping list with all of your friends and family. Add a photo, description or a link! The only thing you should be worried about is where you are going to pitch your hammock.

Watermelon Keg Tap

Summer fun!

My cousin is hosting a huge pool party at her house this summer. I wanted to do something special for her because I know how much goes into party planning. I noticed on her Gift me something wishlist that she wanted a Final Touch Black Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit. This was the perfect opportunity to bring her a surprise I knew she would love - and perhaps even break open at the party!

Grocery lists as easy as pie!

Gift me something isn't just for gifts - we're also here to help you streamline your grocery list. Stay in sync with your family or roommates by easily sharing your grocery list, no pen or paper required! Write it down or even take photos of what is needed, reserve it when you're in the store so no double purchases. Say goodbye to forgetting the milk and multiple trips to the grocery store.

Timeless Little Prince

I hadn't given my sister a birthday present for years – always thought a phone call sufficed. But I saw she was using Gift me something and wanted a copy of The Little Prince – we used to read it as kids and how she didn't have a copy, I don't know. I sent her one as fast as my fingers could type.
Castro Baroña

Gift Me Something is more...

We want you to make all kinds of lists: Bucket lists which you keep private, lists with your partner about things you'd like to do together, lists with the family of things to do around the house, lists with friends about those concerts you really gotta go to. We could've called our app/site "List Me Something" but that seems to take away from any kind of gratitude we might have to ourselves and others for the lucky lives we lead.

Great gifts

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