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Create wishlists – Give perfect gifts – Suggest gifts

Who knows best what to give you? You do. Add gifts to your wishlist with photos, descriptions and/or links – whatever you desire and someone can provide. Share with friends and family or just your partner and they'll share with you. Find "gift ideas" maybe for yourself or suggest it to a friend. The best gift is just around the corner.

Gifting is cultural

Gifting has had a special place in all cultures around the world and Gift me something hopes to make that all the more frequent and valued. Often people have given up on gifting because they don't know what the other person wants or doesn't have already. Gift me something puts an end to that by encouraging people to list what they want, be it specific or general. Giving and receiving is a treat for both persons and surprise is often just the fact that someone took the time out to make another feel good. To have gifting work for old and young, be hip and traditional, work with family and acquaintances is the goal – give a gift today!

Perfect organizer for baby

Baby shower help

Baby showers are difficult sometimes but here's a couple clues: mom is overworked and doing things she hasn't necesarily done before, so anything you can do for her is also for the baby. Offering to take care of the baby is probably number one. Babies make messes so extra towels, blankets, pads are always helpful. Get the mom to make her wishlist so you all know where and when she could use some help or what things she's missing. Giving a hand doesn't need to be a guessing game, that's where Gift me something comes in.

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The perfect help for your baby shower

For my niece's baby shower I asked her to make a wish list on Gift me something. She made the list: diapers, a thermal blanket, and a photo session for the family. She also put down some clothes with size and color, everything we needed to make perfect gifts. Everyone loved the strategy and came to the party happy and relaxed in knowing that their gift would be useful and appreciated.

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Take 'em out to the Spa

The weekend after my wife finished the launch at work I woke her up Saturday morning with a Cinnamon Latte and croissant and told her we're going out to the spa in the mountains she's always wanted to visit and after the treatment we'd go to our favorite restaurant in the valley. The kids had everything under control and knew where we're be. It was a wonderful day and we were back in the afternoon for a relaxed rest of the day and some television in the evening. She loved the gift and wisecracked that it must have been a big chore for me – haha. I agreed.

The price-guide for comics

Big-time collector?

Does anyone know you collect comics? What kind of comics, Marvel, DC or IDC? Maybe one of your friends collects the same. It's fun to know peoples hobbies and surprise them with another addition even it's a porcelain horse or signed baseball. In Gift me something you can specify a specific thing you might want or you can be general and just say you like old coins or stamps. Who knows, telling other people about your collection might bring in a find from some friend who didn't know they had something of interest to you.

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Home, sweet NEW home

After so many years sharing an apartment, the moment has arrived to go out and have your own. Finally you can decorate your apartment as you like and have always dreamed. You like the minimalist style and have spent years visiting stores and dog-earring magazines. You’ve known for a while the type of sofa you’d like and the lamp and table. Your Friends, knowing your strong opinions are afraid to buy you anything in case they guess wrong. So give them some help and create a Gift me something list and let them surprise you with things you really need.

On NYT bestseller list

Find a great book

Getting a great book is always a wonderful gift. If you are an avid reader then you are continuously coming across potential books. Share them with your friends and family and maybe even inspire them to add to their Gift me something list. Great places to find good books are the New York Times Book Review, The Economist and always the classics at Modern Library.

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